Run your first, second, or hundredth 5K from anywhere.


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How does a virtual 5K work?

No matter where you are, or what your level of fitness is, you can participate in a virtual 5K. After registration, you'll receive a race packet in the mail, just like you were picking one up for a traditional live 5K. Leading up to the race, you can train as hard (or not) as you like to prepare yourself. Then, during the week of the race, you get to pick the when, where and who to run with. Once you get the packet, you can run the 5K anytime between April 24th - 30th. Be sure to tag me and #myracemypace5k on Instagram. I want to see your posts!Another great thing about doing this virtually is that you get to go at your own pace - run, walk, jog, or crawl - without feeling any pressure to compete. It's all about you just making the commitment to do it, preparing yourself, and making it happen!

Why the "My Race. My Pace. Virtual 5K?"

In talking with my followers on Instagram, I have noticed that there are both those that are ready to do a "Year of Races" of their own and those who are just looking to get started. I really want this race to be something for both! At the beginning of my journey, a big step was just setting a goal and committing to seeing it through. So no matter if this is your first or fiftieth race, I want to help you set a concrete goal and see it through!

I am trying hard to make sure you each get the full experience. The race packets will include a t-shirt and race bib just like at a live race. There will also be sponsored swag like you might find in the tents at the end of a race. Lastly, you can get encouragement on Instagram by tagging me and by including #myracemypace5k to see who else is participating!

Most importantly though, I want you girls to have fun and not feel pressure. You can do it. This is your race. Your pace!

Girls on the Run is a non-profit that uses running to teach pre-teen girls about confidence and setting goals, teaching them that the impossible is possible and that girls can. I thought this organization would connect with many of us that are going to participate, and so a portion of the proceeds will go directly towards their mission!